Carcassonne tile counter v3

Better late than never, they say. Someone requested some new features to my Carcassonne tile counter years ago, and I finally managed to do something about it. Here’s the latest version: Carcassonne tile counter version 3. What changed? Quite a few things: – The whole app is now written in frontend Javascript, so there’s no… Continue reading Carcassonne tile counter v3

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DYI Pong console based on Arduino and an RGB LED matrix

TL;DR: It’s a dedicated desktop Pong console for two players. An Arduino Uno provides the brains, and an Adafruit 16×32 RGB LED matrix the display. The only inputs are two potentiometers connected to two of the analog inputs left free by the LED matrix. There are a couple of pins still available, and initially thought… Continue reading DYI Pong console based on Arduino and an RGB LED matrix

Custom 3D-printed King of Tokyo monsters

What could be better than being a giant monster and beating other giant monsters into submission? Well, clearly, being a giant monster that isn’t represented by a cheap piece of printed cardboard with a small plastic base, but instead a good sized solid three-dimensional plastic figurine! Unfortunately, the Internet has been lacking in the department… Continue reading Custom 3D-printed King of Tokyo monsters

RetroPi briefcase

Here’s a quick build I just finished: A Raspberry Pi running RetroPi, installed in a Makita powerdrill briefcase with a 7″ TV and four USB controllers. Also included are all the components necessary to power the whole setup: A 12V PSU that powers the TV, and a 12V to 5V voltage regulator that powers the… Continue reading RetroPi briefcase

Inns and Cathedrals added to the tile counter

EDIT: Latest post about this tool is here The Carcassonne tile counter I made a year ago has now been extended with tiles from the Inns and Cathedrals extension: Tile counter incl. Inns and Cathedrals.

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Wooden Tsuro tiles

Well, plywood, really. With printed paper glued on top to make the paths. What I actually want is a set of tiles where the paths and the background are made of different coloured wood veneer, but that would require investing in some new tools and spending a lot of time cutting the pieces. So, for… Continue reading Wooden Tsuro tiles

Carcassonne tile counter

EDIT: Latest post about this tool is here While playing Carcassonne this Christmas, the discussion turned towards optimal playing, and how that would require memorizing the distribution of different tiles in the deck, as well as keeping in mind which tiles have already been played. We thought that making decisions based on knowing what’s left… Continue reading Carcassonne tile counter

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