Finnish public holidays

There are a number of public holidays in Finland, many of which are paid vacation days for most people. Some of these holidays are observed on a certain weekday near a calendar date, such as Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day(Thursday), and Midsummer’s Eve(Friday). Other observed Christian holidays are always observed on the weekend, so… Continue reading Finnish public holidays

My worst job ever

I originally wrote this as a comment on the Still Untitled episode about worst jobs, and it just seemed postworthy enough to publish here as well. I ended up with my worst job ever after responding to an classifieds ad about “warehouse work”. I had previously worked at an auto parts warehouse driving a… Continue reading My worst job ever

Week numbering

Week numbers are… confusing, to say at the least. There’s no instinctive connection (well, for me) between a date and the corresponding week number. To make matters worse, there are multiple ways of numbering weeks. There’s the ISO-standard way, the way used in northern America, and another way that’s apparently used in the middle east… Continue reading Week numbering

Ubuntu, Apple International English keyboard, and the hash sign

Trying Linux is something I do every few years. That’s to say “Trying desktop Linux”, as I do work with Linux servers all the time. The latest attempt is ongoing right now, with the goal of getting X-Plane to run with a nice multi-display setup (which I’ll undoubtedly write a whole other blog post about).… Continue reading Ubuntu, Apple International English keyboard, and the hash sign

Pythagoras calculator

Much like with the resistor calculators, I wasn’t happy with the tools I found on the first page of Google hits. So, here’s my take on an online Pythagorean theorem calculator: Here’s the direct link to the tool. EDIT 2014-02-05: I’ve added a visualization of the triangle after that was suggested in the comments.

Drupal 7: Load all terms in a Taxonomy vocabulary

There still isn’t a function for this, and the conditions in taxonomy_term_load_multiple have been deprecated, so an EntityFieldQuery is the only (and recommended) way to do this: $query = new EntityFieldQuery(); $result = $query ->entityCondition(‘entity_type’, ‘taxonomy_term’) ->propertyCondition(‘vid’, 2, ‘=’) // for vocabulary id 2 ->execute(); Not too bad, I guess, but it just feels like… Continue reading Drupal 7: Load all terms in a Taxonomy vocabulary

Rubik’s cube tutorial

I finally got around to writing down what little I know about solving the cube. The results can be found here: