Carcassonne tile counter

EDIT: Latest post about this tool is here

While playing Carcassonne this Christmas, the discussion turned towards optimal playing, and how that would require memorizing the distribution of different tiles in the deck, as well as keeping in mind which tiles have already been played. We thought that making decisions based on knowing what’s left in the deck, instead of guessing, would make for a more interesting game. But, since we didn’t feel like memorizing all the cards, we figured it would be easier to just keep a list of which cards have been played and which ones were still available.

I created a simple web page that can be used as such a list for the base game of Carcassonne: Carcassonne tile counter.


  1. Really nice tool, but sometimes accidentally if you click twice, it does not allow to undo the action or does it?

    1. Shift+click adds to the tile count. Of course, it just occurred to me that this doesn’t help much if your using a touchscreen…

  2. Hi!

    I’m using your tool pretty much.

    Would it be a hard task to develop the counter in a way that if one clicks on the wrong piece he could have turn it back (e.g with a right click 🙂 or a back button, or sthg )


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