Carcassonne tile counter v3

Better late than never, they say. Someone requested some new features to my Carcassonne tile counter years ago, and I finally managed to do something about it. Here’s the latest version: Carcassonne tile counter version 3. What changed? Quite a few things:

– The whole app is now written in frontend Javascript, so there’s no need for PHP.
– The source code is available on Github.
– The original River expansion and Traders and Builders were added.
– The way in which the tile sets are defined was revamped so that it’s now much easier to add new sets.
– Buttons were added to the UI for “Undo” and “Reset”.
– Tile orientations were standardized.
– An option for using smaller tile icons was added.

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  1. Thanks very much for the update; I used to use your original counter 🙂
    I thought people might be interested in my experience. In preparation to take part in the face-to-face UK tournament a couple of years ago, I put artificial help aside and concentrated on practicing visual tile counting. To my surprise, my game improved. Although my counting might not have been quite as accurate, in focussing on the game instead of clicking on an app I think I kept a better awareness of the overall situation. Last summer, at age 58, I became the UK Carcassonne Champion! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? In case you’re interested, I’m ‘wallaceprime’ on the BGA website. I came back to the counting app just now to print off a list of tiles as I’m getting to the final stages of a turn-based all-expansions game and I can’t count *that* in my head!

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