Pepakura Iron Man helmet – part 2

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The Internet is full of stories of skilled people making awesome stuff. This isn’t one of those stories.

Day 7

I sanded the whole helmet to a matt finish. This made it much easier to see all the spots that needed further attention. And there were quite a few. Plenty of fiberglass filler was applied both inside and outside the helmet.

In a few places the helmet was so dented that I didn’t want to fill the holes even with the fiberglass filler. Those places are marked with the blue marks. Instead of filler, I’m going to add more resin and fibreglass mat.

Day 8

Ah, yes. There was one minor problem with the helmet. It was too big for my head, so I needed to resize it somehow. I cut the top of the head and the jaw open. And removed a part of the back of the helmet, as the opening through which my head was meant to go wasn’t big enough. Plenty of space inside the helmet once you get there, though.

I then used wooden braces to keep the cut pieces in the right position, and glued them back together with the fibreglass filler.

Finally, I applied more fiberglass and resin on the inside of the helmet to make sure the altered parts stay together, and some on the outside to fix the shape some more.

Day 9

After a bit of a break from the project, I got back into it. Here’s the helmet after the new fiberglass added the last time.

More fiberglass filler. More sanding. I also cut the eye-slits a bit larger. You can’t see very much at all when wearing the helmet. It’s a bit better with the larger eye-slits, but far from practical.

I’m thinking of putting a coat of primer on the helmet to see where I’m at, but I’m afraid seeing that might reveal more than I want to see.

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  1. hi, i1m trying to make a iron man helmet.
    i have the front of my helmet, but, i’m having difficult to make the back from my helmet!!
    do you can help me please??

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