Pythagoras calculator

Much like with the resistor calculators, I wasn’t happy with the tools I found on the first page of Google hits. So, here’s my take on an online Pythagorean theorem calculator:

Here’s the direct link to the tool.

EDIT 2014-02-05: I’ve added a visualization of the triangle after that was suggested in the comments.


  1. Awesome work comrade!!!

    What would make it even more awesome though would be to draw a little graphic of what the triangle looks like as well


  2. Spectacular work! Hey you know what would also be a really neat little tool…?

    An “Alpha transparency calculator” where one could enter a background colour, an overlay colour and set an alpha value and see what the result would be. There are several calculators on the web but none of them do the job quite as well as your incredible Pythagorean and Resistor Calculators do!

    I would recommend having cells to enter/display the HEX (00-FF) as well as RGB (0-255) values for each colour where changing the values in any cell automatically updates the values in the others. Imagine that. That would be SOOOO GOOD!!!

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