A method for neatly stowing the lines on a skydiving parachute

Looking at the way some freshly licenced (and some older) jumpers struggle with making neat line stows, I figured I’d document the method I’ve been using to stow my lines. Here goes:

A method for neatly stowing lines

These instructions are for stowing a bight of lines on the right-hand side of the bag; for the left-hand side, the hands used are reversed.

1. Start by slipping your right middle finger through the rubber band you’re going to use.

2. Prepare a neat bight of lines using both hands, keeping the rubber band around your right middle finger. Leave any slack in the lines within the bight. Grab the bight with your left fist.
3. Place your left thumb in-line with the bight to support the lines.
4. Bring the bight of lines next to the rubber band, and stretch the rubber band behind your thumb and the lines.
5. Pull the rubber band over your thumb and the lines. The thumb should support the bight to keep it from deforming while pulling the rubber band over it.
6. Release the rubber band, trapping your left thumb inside it. Grab the bight with your right hand.
7. Pull your thumb out of the rubber band, taking care not to disturb the lines in the stow.

Download these instructions as an A3 printable PDF file

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