WordPress 4.0 not vulnerable

Related to my previous post, I emailed WordPress lead developers about the vulnerability, and got this response from Andrew Nacin: We’re aware of the report and have been investigating. If you are running the latest version of WordPress (4.0), you have nothing to worry about. EDIT 2014-11-21: WordPress 4.0.1 is out, with several security fixes… Continue reading WordPress 4.0 not vulnerable

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Comments disabled due to WordPress vulnerability

UPDATE 2014-11-10: WP 4.0 is not vulnerable. The commenting feature on this blog has been temporarily disabled (using the Disable Comments-plugin) due to an apparently discovered vulnerability in all current versions of WordPress. The details of the vulnerability have not been published yet, but WordPress will publish fixed versions in the next few days. I’m… Continue reading Comments disabled due to WordPress vulnerability

Blue skies, black death

Today, 8 of my fellow Finnish skydivers lost their lives in a plane crash at Jämi, Finland. Instead of publishing a blog post I’d prepared about “What if no-one died of old age”(!), I’ve changed the colour scheme of the blog to reflect my feelings.

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