The Standard Coffee Mug Dimensions

(Edited on 2014-08-26 to add volume information and additional measurements)

Despite all the thing that have been standardized in this day and age, one of our most important tools has so far escaped standardization: The coffee mug. At least I couldn’t find any such standard.

Everyone knows what the usual cylindrical coffee mug looks like, and they are somewhat similar in their measurements. There are, however, differences in the mugs from different manufacturers. They are clearly out to create the same product, but without international standards, the results are inconsistent.

Case in point: Here is a picture of five coffee mugs, and their measurements:


Diameter Diameter inc. handle length Height Height of handle 3 Wall thickness Measured volume (ml) Calculated volume (ml) Handle to bottom Mug bottom thickness 4
1 81 120 92 72 75 2 6 300 301 10 8.5
2 82 120 95 74 6 ? 1 3275 ? 1 ? 1
3 81 120 95 71 6 340 320 9 9.5
4 82 121 97 72 6 375 341 11 8.5
5 82 125 99 73 7 335 300 12 16.5
Edit 2014-08-26:
1 I appear to have misplaced this mug between the initial measurements and the volume measurements.
2 Re-measuring showed a different value, which I consider correct.
3 Measured from the point where the inside diameter of the handle is the highest. On mug #1 the handle actually widens all the way to the wall, whereas on the other mugs it starts to get narrower again before connecting with the wall.
4 Measured along the inside wall of the mug. Many mugs have a concave bottom that’s thinner in the center.
5 Guessing a bottom thickness of 10mm.
The calculated volume differs from the measured volume in nearly all the cases. This is most likely due to the taper of the wall thickness, as well as the fact that the profile of the bottom is not square. I double checked my volume measurements, so they should be fairly accurate.

This is a sorry state of affairs. No two mugs are the same, despite two of them having been ordered from the same custom mug service.

Some findings based on the measurements:

  • The diameter seems fairly consistent.
  • The handle width differs markedly in only one of the mugs. Mug number 5 has a handle that’s too long; The increased length of lever combined with the decreased ability for the fingers to support the side of the mug make it less enjoyable to hold cup number 5.
  • The mug height has a fair bit of variation.
  • The handle height also varies a lot.
  • The wall thickness (measured at the thickest point, the wall tapers towards the top in all the mugs) is fairly consistent.

All in all, mug number 5 is bigger than the other ones in nearly all the dimensions, making it the odd one out. Clearly not standard worthy. Other than that, going with the averages gives us a nice set of dimensions.

So, I hereby declare the Standard Coffee Mug Dimensions v1.0 to be as follows:

  • Outer diameter (a): 82mm
  • Outer diameter + handle length (b): 120mm
  • Height (c): 95mm
  • Handle height (d): 73mm
  • Wall thickness (e): 6mm (tapers down at the top of the mug)

Added 2014-08-26: Standard Coffee Mug Dimensions v2.0 defines some additional measurements:

  • Handle bottom to mug bottom (g): 10mm
  • Bottom thickness (f): 10mm


If you are a coffee mug manufacturer, please update the dimensions of your mugs accordingly. Thank you.

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