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Comments disabled due to WordPress vulnerability

UPDATE 2014-11-10: WP 4.0 is not vulnerable. The commenting feature on this blog has been temporarily disabled (using the Disable Comments-plugin) due to an apparently discovered vulnerability in all current versions of WordPress. The details of the vulnerability have not … Continue reading

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OS X 10.10 Yosemite phones home

After OS X 10.10 Yosemite came out, a lot of people noticed the OS sending private information to Apple’s servers without the user’s consent. I haven’t updated to Yosemite yet, and I might not update at all, largely because of … Continue reading

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This has been discussed online at length, so I won’t go into details. In short, Finland’s State Regional Administration Agency (Avi) told the organizers of the “Beer and Whisky Expo” that if Google searches for “whisky” return links to their … Continue reading

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Launching Newsbeuter from the Dock

There are plenty of RSS readers out there, but I just found one that fits my minimalistic CLI needs like a glove: Newsbeuter. It’s available for OS X via Homebrew (as well as multiple flavours of Linux). Installing Newsbeuter wasn’t … Continue reading

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Creating Drupal 7 nodes with PHP via the restws API

Drupal 8 has a built-in REST API that allows programmatical access to all the entities on a site. Similar functionality has been implemented for Drupal 7, in the RESTful Web Services (restws) module. In project I’m working on, in preparation … Continue reading

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Pythagoras calculator update

A commenter suggested that I add a visualization of the triangle being calculated to my Pythagoran theorem calculator. Adding that was just a few more lines of code using the canvas-element, so here’s the updated version (direct link to the … Continue reading

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Heatmap generation library using PHP and GD

While working on further development of my Helsinki public transport departures heatmap, I quickly noticed that heatmap.js, as good a library as it is, just can’t quite do all the things I needed it to do as fast as I’d … Continue reading

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HSL departures heatmap

I created a a simple application using the HSL open data XML dump, the MapQuest Javascript API and the heatmap.js library. Here’s a screenshot: The heatmap shows the number of departures from each stop in the HSL public transport system. … Continue reading

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Apple Mail and marking messages read

I had some trouble setting up Apple Mail the way I want it to work. What I’m used to doing is keeping a list of “Unread” messages, which is really a list of “Messages that need some action from me … Continue reading

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Resistor tools

I just wrote a parallel resistor value calculator, and a resistor colour code calculator. There are lots of them on the web, but most of them seem to have a 1990’s era user interface, where you need to enter values … Continue reading

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